Legalisation of TEFL certificates issued in Ireland at Chinese Embassy

Legalisation of TEFL certificates issued in Ireland at Chinese Embassy

Do you need to legalise your TEFL certificate so that it is valid in China? Do you want to save yourself time and trouble? Docsbase can legalise your TEFL certificate issued in Ireland swiftly and for a competitive price. We are a translation and legalisation company based in Dublin, with a branch in London, and we provide legalisation services of documents and certificates such as TEFL certificates. We have been providing legalisation services for private and corporate clients for over ten years and are pleased that our expertise has made us the first choice for many Irish people seeking professional legalisation services.

Authentication of TEFL certificates issued in Ireland

There has been an increasing demand recently for legalisation of TEFL certificates from teachers looking for work in China. At the moment it is required for the holders of TEFL certificates to authenticate their certificates. This is due to the rise of document fraud. TEFL certificates issued in Ireland have to be legalised in the UK, since TEFL schools are not recognised by the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. We can do this service by notarising, getting an Apostille in the UK and legalising it at the Chinese Embassy in London via our London office. Having a branch in London makes the whole process much easier and incredibly faster. Our offices in Dublin and London cooperate on a daily basis and having an office in London is a quick link to legalisation services, which are only available in London.

Confidential and safe legalisation services in Ireland

Certified Translation Services Docsbase follow strict confidentiality procedures. We do not use any third party services and all documents are handled by our internal staff. Therefore you can rest assured that your documents will not leave our hands and we will manage them safely and securely. If you have any questions regarding our legalisation services, please contact us and one of our talented project managers will be happy to answer your questions.

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