Medical and Pharmaceutical Translation

Our team of translators, proof-readers and editors understand the need for trust and confidentiality when it comes
to the translation of personal documents such as medical
records and prescriptions.

Therefore when you come to us for translation and legalisation services, you can be guaranteed to be given the best possible advice and customer service.

We personally select a translator with the expertise and translation experience necessary to translate the most complicated and technical medical documents. Many of our translators have studied or worked in the medical field and therefore have a professional understanding of complicated medical terminology and are able to give you the best possible translations of your documents.

Recognition of Documents Abroad

All medical translations, including medical reports, patient records or prescriptions, are prepared only by translators with background and experience in the relevant field. Very often we are able to pair you with a translator that has worked with similar documents previously, or has worked with documents for use in the target country specified to us by the customer. We can ensure that your documents when translated will be recognised by doctors, hospitals, courts and government agencies in the country you plan for it to be used.

We provide services for documents to be recognised in countries all over the world. Our agency has language experts from around the world who have worked in the medical industry and will understand exactly the requirements for your documents to be understood and accepted all over the world.


    Translation of Pharmaceutical Documentation

    Furthermore, we have experience and knowledge particularly in thetranslation of a wide range of pharmaceutical documentation. Our first translation office was opened in Dublin, Ireland. With the rise in international pharmaceutical companies establishing their headquarters in Ireland there is a continuous need in providing reliable medical translation solutions to our global clients based in Ireland as well as to their partners based abroad. This expertise has been transferred to our offices all over the world too. We have professional translators in-house who have experience in the corporate translations of documents and services of pharmaceutical companies based around the world. Contact us now for more information about pharmaceutical documentation translation now.

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