Membership in the professional organisation. Is your translator / company properly registered and governed by a professional body?

Certification of Translated documents. Does the translator have to be a member of the Professional body?

If you need a certified translation, you have to check if your translation agency is fully compliant and havea highest possible acceptance rate with your country government institutions, educational organisations and businesses, otherwise your certified translation might not be accepted. 

Besides standard requirement of official tax registration from revenue (tax office) and company registration, the translation agency has to be a professional member of the official organisation of interpreters and translators.  In other words, such professional membership is a mark of quality-managed translation services. It defines the high standard of service that the translation agency guarantees to their clients.  Normally, Accredited Members of such professional associations have the sole use of the Certification Stamp for translation.

Certified Translations Services is a member of the Association of Translation Companies, ATC ( .  It is an internationally recognised Association which representstranslation and language services’ providers in UK and Ireland. It is the leading voice for companies operating in the UK’s language services industry.Working with Certified Translations Services, you can be sure that we have 100 % acceptance rate with official institution requesting certified translations.

When a translation needs to be officially certified? 

Here is a list of the types of documents which normally require certified translation:

§  Birth Certificates

§  Marriage Certificates

§  Divorce documents

§  Adoption papers

§  Custody papers

§  Death Certificates

§  Degrees, Diplomas and  Certification of educational entities

§  Medical statements

§  Agreements

§  Contracts

§  Notarial deeds

§  Company  Articles of Association

§  Court rulings

§  Official correspondence

§  Affidavits

§  Any document requested for official use,  by solicitors, companies or individual customers

§  Statements

Example: if you apply for a passport in UK or Ireland, starting from January 2020 Passport office shall apply a requisite of certification for the translations of documents needed for the passport application which means they  have to be done by  professional translators or companies registered with professional body. Same applies for most of the government institutions.

Certification of a translation is not a complicated procedure, but it has to be done by certified professionals.

If you need to certify a translation of a document which is written in a language other than English, the translation company will confirm the following on the translation in the form of the statement:

  • that it’s a ‘true and accurate translation of the original document’
  • the date of the translation
  • the full name and contact details of the translator or a representative of the translation company

Such statements will be stamped and signed. The Seal or Stamp represents a quick visual identification of certification, a certification of accuracy statement.

NB: Remember to  always check first with the organisations where you plan to submit your documents what certification they will require from you.



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