Multilingual SEO Translation and SEM Translation in Ireland

Multilingual SEO Translation and SEM Translation in Ireland

The feeling of achievement when your website is established and regularly shows up in SEO searches is hard to beat. Local success has been reached and you are likely to feel that your hard work has paid off. For most businesses however, initial success is just the first step before aiming for international market share and further exposure in other countries. The first and possibly most important step in this next phase is ensuring that your website receives the same amount of attention and exposure in the countries which you are targeting, and this will involve SEO and SEM translation of your website. The Dublin office of Certified Translation Services has inhouse experts ready to help you create successful multilingual websites in your targeted languages.  

Areas for consideration in SEO and SEM translations

When planning the successful SEO and SEM translation of your website to other languages, there are several areas which need to be considered individually, before eventually coming together in the creation of your translated website. The main areas to be considered are localisation, local technical setup, keywords, and finally the translation of the website. 

  • Localisation – when targeting a new country to market your product and launch your website, it is important to adapt the presentation of your products and website to the target culture and by extension to the target country needs. This includes linguistic and cultural adaptations in the target language and requires local knowledge and an understanding of cultural difference and nuances.

  • Local technical setup – an important area to study before launching in a new country is the type of search engines which are used, as well as the best domain to choose, whether it be country specific, or sub-domains and sub-folders. You are likely to discover that the technical setup of your source website is not going to be the optimal set-up for your target website.

  • Keywords – the success of your website in any language is dependent on identifying the keywords, phrases and expressions which will connect you to your target audience.  Many, if not most, keywords, phrases and expressions are not a word for word translation of the source language. The correct keywords, phrases and expressions need to be researched through local search engines, as well as verified and confirmed by local translators who are familiar with the target terminology and culture.

  • Website translation – Translating your website involves using the knowledge gained from the research of the above points of localisation, technical setup, and keywords, and producing web content in the target language which results in a highly search-friendly URL.

Multilingual paid searches

In certain cases you may want to customise your promotions or adverts to particular countries, culture, and languages, which may involve localising the advertisement copy and any images to better suit the target country. If paid search campaigns are only created in English (or other source language), the company runs the risk of missing out on revenue for the vast majority of internet users. The English language, for example, only accounts for 25% of all content, hence multilingual paid advertisement campaigns can play a big part in widening your audience and as a result gaining international exposure and clients. 

Multilingual paid searches provides you with an opportunity to target people who are actively searching for a specific product or service.  The Dublin office of Certified Translation Services can provide guidance in setting up multilingual paid advertisement campaigns, including helping you research and understand the target market and providing copy translation.

Linguistic nuances and local knowledge make SEO and SEM translation a specialised field which requires local specialised experts with the necessary skills to successfully translate your website and marketing strategies. The inhouse experts at Certified Translation Services are continuously involved in ongoing large scale SEO and SEM multi-translation projects and are able to talk you through the process and handle all SEO and SEM translation requirements from their Dublin office.  


For further information or a personalised quotation please contact Certified Translation Services Ltd directly. We are also at hand to answer any queries which you may have regarding the SEO and SEM translation.



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