Notary Certified Translation

Notary translation includes translation of document and its consequent certification by a notary. This service is referred
to by other names, for example, translation with
notary certification or notarised translation.

These concepts are synonymous and refer to the same set of actions - translation of the document and its certification by a recognised notary.

Recognition of Documents Abroad

Notary certification of translated documents from English into a foreign language can be required for their use abroad. However, it should be taken into consideration that for the validity of the documents in other countries it may be not enough to have a notary certified translation - in some cases the document should go through the legalisation procedure (Apostilling or consular legalisation, depending on the destination country). Generally, for many countries it is enough to make a notary translation and toget an Apostille stamp.

We recommend finding out from the competent authorities of the destination country in advance as to what language a document should be provided, if there are several official languages in the country, as well as what kind of certification or legalisation processes of the document are required. This will help to prepare documents correctly and efficiently. If you are unable to do this yourself, we can find out for you and ensure that your document will be recognised by the target country.


    Notary certification of translated documents

    Officially it is called “translator’s signature notary certification”, which is carried out as follows: The translation is attached to the original document or the certified copy of the original document and becomes an integral part of it, the translator signs the declaration in the presence of a notary and the notary certifies the authenticity of the signature. The translator or the agency has to have a written agreement with the notary to perform such certification.

    Notary certification is not the only form of guaranteeing the authenticity of a document. The alternative can be a certification of the translated document by the company’s seal that is applied in certain cases, for example if the translation notary certification is not necessary as there is no need for further certification other than the company’s seal – in other words, that your document does not require a mandatory notary certification in the recognising country or institution.

    We draw your attention to the fact that none of these forms of authenticity are performed “by default.” It is a separate service that can be ordered when you are placing an order for the translation. Please, let us know about the type of certification required at the time of placing the order so that we can take it into account during preparation of documents and allow additional time for its implementation. Please keep in mind that certification services are provided only for the documents prepared or translated by our company. If you already have a translation of the document and the only thing that is required is its certification, we can offer to perform a validation of the document by one of our translators to ensure its authenticity first – and then provide you with any form of legalisation that your document needs.



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