Preparation of Power of Attorney for Romania

Preparation of Power of Attorney for Romania

Power of Attorney is a very important document in the business world, but also in people’s private lives. Hence, the preparation of a Power of Attorney should be done with care and time, in order to achieve what you had in mind.

What is a Power of Attorney?

A Power of Attorney is a legal document signed by you which allows another person (or even several) to act on your behalf and gives them the authority to handle your finances and/or business affairs. It may also be given to an attorney. It can either be limited to certain tasks or broad. The most common Powers of Attorney are usually related to financial or medical matters.

When is a Power of Attorney valid?

A Power of Attorney is valid when it meets certain requirements. First, the person issuing the Power of Attorney has to be sound of mind. The document has to be in written form. Finally, it must be signed and witnessed. If all these requirements are met the Power of Attorney is valid.

Using Power of Attorney in Romania

To be valid in Romania, the Power of Attorney has to translated into the Romanian language, if it is written in any other language. Then it needs to be certified in the presence of a public notary. In some cases, an apostille from the Department for Foreign Affairs and Trade is necessary for the document to be recognised in Romania.

This might sound like a lot of effort, but don’t worry - we can help for the whole process. We can have your Power of Attorney translated by one of our highly qualified translator, with quick turnaround times. Our teams in Dublin and Cork produce translations of the highest quality foro a reasonable price. As we have legal specialists in our team, we can ensure that we will produce an accurate translation with the right terminology. However, our service does not stop with the translation. We can also have the document legalised by a solicitor for you and/or get an apostille on your Power of Attorney, if that is necessary. Due to many years of experience in translation and legal matter, we at Certified Translations can provide you exactly with what you need.

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