Professional proofreading and editing services in Dublin and Cork

Professional proofreading and editing services in Dublin and Cork offers proofreading and editing services for any type of documents. Any document that is intended for any use beyond strictly personal should be flawless from a linguistic aspect. This includes the grammar, content and presentation aspect of the documents and applies to all important personal and official documents such as CVs or annual accounts.

Why you need proofreading and editing services

Common mistakes like grammar, punctuation and spelling mistakes, reflect badly on the writer and drive the reader away. The correct proofreading and editing will eliminate all these issues and yield a flawless result. Some mistakes, such as minor formatting errors, can be difficult to spot while others are noticeable. Especially the latter will have a significant, negative impact on your work. If it is a document for academic purposes, then grammar or spelling errors can cost your prospects more than you think, while an office or website document that contains errors can negatively impact your existing or potential client relations. This is the main reason why you need proofreading and editing services from a trusted agency. Especially concerning documents that are intended for an international audience and will be translated to various languages, it is paramount to retain nothing short of linguistic and formatting perfection, in order to for your documents to be viewed as reliable around the world.

Why use for your proofreading and editing services? will check your grammar, punctuation, and spelling to ensure the accuracy and general correctness of your document’s content. Our services include proofreading and editing for websites, press releases, academic proofreading and promotional literature. As a translation agency, we also offer proofreading and editing services for translated documents. Especially in cases of clients on a budget, such as students, the clients can translate their documents themselves and then turn them in to our professionals for a final proofread. This service is provided at a lower rate and the document will still be fully certified.

We’ve been offering certified translation, proofreading and editing services for many years in Dublin and Cork. Our professionals are fully qualified and have accumulated years of experience. Our native speaking employees from around the world will proofread and edit your article in any field and language at the most competitive prices in the market.

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