Based in London, UK, and in Dublin and Cork, Ireland, our agency provides high quality translation and interpreting services worldwide. Among our employees in Dublin and London there are several expert translators working with Spanish and English and two in-house Spanish native translators, who are in charge of the translation services detailed below.

Spanish into English Certified Translations

Certified translation and official document legalisation are two of the most demanded kinds of translation nowadays. Whether one may need to translate and certify a diploma, a transcript of records, a marriage certificate, a death/birth certificate or any other kind of official documents from Spanish into English, our team provides the client with a close follow-up of the translation and certification process, as well as with a confidential management of the assignment and a thorough proofreading of the translation(s).

Spanish into English Legal Translations

In case the client asks for a Spanish into English translation of a document originally issued by an official body (such as a law office or a court) name of our agency? offers the wide experience of its translators in this field to ensure the production of a high quality translation in the shortest possible time. In order to accelerate the translation and certification of legal documents we ask our clients to specify the kind of legal translation they require. In addition, the team of translators and project managers working for Name of our agency in Dublin and Cork can also issue and translate visas and apostilles from Spanish into English at the client’s request.


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Spanish into English Company Translation Services

Our office in Dublin provides the client with the specific experience of an in-house native Spanish translator who has previously worked with the following Spanish into English and English into Spanish company documents:

  • CRO Company Printout
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Power of Attorney

Our translators’ dedication and professionalism combined with name of our agency’s extended experience in translating company documents results in the production of cost-effective and high quality texts for those clients who may need to start a new business or to open a bank account in an English or Spanish speaking country.

Spanish into English Document Translations

Apart from the translations listed above, our team in Dublin and Cork manages and translates a wide range of specialised texts into English, such as:

In order to accelerate the translation process we ask our clients to specify the kind of documents they want to translate.

English into Spanish and Spanish into English Interpreting Translation Services

Name of our company is happy to provide its clients with the possibility of hiring a native Spanish translator with experience in non-specialised interpreting in Spanish and in English. The complexity of the assignments may vary widely and our translators work better if the client specifies the terminology which will be used during the interpreting session before the meeting, so they can provide an accurate, cost-effective service.

Our in-house translators are also highly qualified to offer Spanish into English and English into Spanish in situ linguistic assistance. This service would not require the translator to integrally interpret the whole meeting but to punctually aid a client whose foreign language skills are not fully developed.



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