The Hague Convention on Apostille Legalisation

A form of certification of documentation called an Apostille is accepted in most countries around the world that have signed the Apostille treaty at the Hague Convention on Apostille Legalisation that took place on 5th October 1961. An Apostille is a stamp on the translated document (or an additional document attached to it) that includes specific details and signatures related to the Apostille certification. It certifies the country of origin of the document, the identity and capacity of the signature on it and the name of any authority which has affixed a seal or stamp to the document. The apostille enables the presenter to bypass further certification and immediately send or use the documents to the country of intended use.

Members of the Apostille Treaty

There are 112 parties that are part of the Convention that permit the use of an Apostille stamp for recognition of certified and authorised documentation including all European Union member states. The most recent addition to the list of participating states is Chile. Here at in Dublin City Centre we can advise you on the requirements in terms of apostille certification or other legalisation for the country to which you are using your documentation.


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International Legalisation of Documents

For countries that are within this treaty, most documentation will require an Apostille stamp in order for it to be recognised as a trustworthy, genuine official document. However, for some types of documentation or for countries that are not part of the international treaty, alternative forms of Document Legalisation are necessary in order for your document to be approved by the receiving parties. This can be in the form of various legalisation practices. This can be in the form of notary legalisation of the document or official signature of a solicitor who is qualified to certify the authenticity of your document.

Apostille Dublin Customer Support

If you have any queries regarding the legal requirements for the recognition of your document as a genuine document in Ireland or in any other country, please do not hesitate in getting in touch. We are happy to respond to any questions you may have!



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