Transcription layouts and formats

Transcription layouts and formats

We take your specific demands to our heart and we are happy to offer you a variety of transcript formats, layout and styles.

We use user friendly and easy-to handle designs and layouts which save time and ensure quality to our clients when using our transcripts.

We use standard transcripts for audio and video interviews, one-to- one or group ones, dictations and focus groups.

Researchers , Psychiatrists, Psychologists, those involved in healthcare, education and  marketing sectors  are often looking for discourse analysis transcription which is also on offer  by our company. Such standard discourse analysis transcripts as user friendly as possible, easy to read and interpret for the broad range of readers.

We also provide True Verbatim transcriptions and Intelligent Verbatim transcriptions on request.

True verbatim  will include everything which is recorded and include stuttering, speech fillers, non-speech sounds, coughing and throat clearing, false starts etc. It may be useful for certain qualitative and market research projects and legal investigations, where it’s necessary to study not only what was said, but also the manner, intonation and ambiance in which something was said.

Intelligent or clean Verbatim transcriptions represent a slightly  edited version of the original audio or video where stuttering, speech fillers etc. are removed. 

Our clients can choose among such common formatting elements as speaker labels, timestamps,  time codes , inaudible and crosstalk tags, and mark-ups for external sounds. 

Speaker labels. Identification of Speakers by first name, full name, title, or role, also by generic descriptors, such as  “Male” or “Female,” when other information isn’t available.

Timestamps. Timestamps, e.g. [03:45], are normally located at regular time intervals such as  e.g. every minute or  every 30 seconds, or they may be placed at the beginning or end of each paragraph or speaker. 

Time codes: Normally Time codes are applied ‘per line’ with such extras on request as captions, titles and credits. In case you need to create subtitles for a TV programme, a  web video clip or a film, we can format them in various manners according to your requirements. It  can include visual cues and nuances as per your specific order.

Inaudible tags. If the parts of speech on audio recording are unclear, they can be highlighted  with a timecode; e.g., [inaudible 00:35]. They allow to include guesses (phonetic etc.) as to what was said – for example, [wing yard 00:31].

Crosstalk tags. If several speakers are talking simultaneously and it’s impossible to hear what’s being said and who exactly says it, a crosstalk tag is used, e.g. [crosstalk 01:27].

Sounds’ mark-ups. Background noises and non-speech sounds can be  put in brackets; for example, [yarning] or [door opens]

We accept and work with a wide range of formats including:

  • mp3s

  • mp4s

  • CDs

  • DVDs

  • cassettes

  • videos (VHS)

  • microcassettes / minicassettes

  • wav files

  • minidiscs

  • Windows Media Player files

  • RealPlayer files

ScriptSync compatible transcriptions 

Our transcriptions are ScriptSync compatible. ScriptSync  carries out  phonetical indexation of the  text and audible dialog automatically and then syncs each source clip to its associated line in the text. In this way you can quickly locate all relevant clips in no time using a scene number, page number, or word or phrase search, depending on the need of your project. 

Give us a call and we will be happy to discuss with your all the details of the specific formatting you are asking for your  audio or video transcript.




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