Translation and Legalisation of Irish Company Registration Office Documents in Dublin and Cork

Translation and Legalisation of Irish Company Registration Office Documents in Dublin and Cork

Certified Translation of Irish Company Registration Office Documents into foreign languages

If you want to register your private business or corporation abroad, you will need legalised translations of the Irish Company Registration Office Documents. Our specialised team at www. can translate and legalise all official, corporate and private documents for you.

You will need an official translation and legalisation of the Irish Company Registration Office Documents in order to:

  • Open a new branch of a company abroad
  • Conduct business in a foreign country
  • Open a bank account abroad
  • Carry out other corporate transactions (share management and distribution)

How does legalise and translate Irish Company Registration Office Documents?

In our agency, we are fully aware of the importance of document validation for use abroad. Therefore, we take an organised approach, following two steps with regards to certifying and legalising the documents at hand:

  • We request a notarised copy of the original documents at the register office so as to confirm the validity of the documents.
  • We Apostille them, thus ensuring their validity in foreign countries and in the corresponding institutions.

Then, we will produce a Certified Translation which will adapt to the format requirements of the institutions in the target country.

Legalisation of Irish Official and Legal Documents

The professionals at are highly trained with yearlong experience in the certification of multiple kinds of legal documents such as:

In addition, is a leading company in Dublin and Cork regarding the Certification and the Verification of Apostilles for translated legal, corporate and other official documents. In fact, our service for Irish companies interested in conducting business with foreign institutions/organisations extends beyond Ireland.

We provide similar services in our offices overseas in Canada and in Washington (USA) & In various European countries (UK, Germany, Switzerland) thanks to our competent, certified translators

Why choose to translate and legalise your Irish Company Registration Office Documents?

Two major indicators of the quality of documents produces are, for one part, our team’s refined level of expertise and specialisation displayed by the wide array of languages our office covers, and, for the other part, the privileged place our agency currently occupies in the translation industry, document legalisation services and visa support services in Ireland (Dublin and Cork), UK and other countries.

On the one hand, more than 10 years of experience endorse our abilities to deal with document certification, legalisation and attestation. On the other hand, we are aware of the value of a good communication between organisations for this official matters and, therefore, we always try to invest in reaching the best experts in the market. In addition, in we are proud of our daily collaboration with several qualified proofreaders who act as quality testers before the document reaches the client without enlarging the translation and certification process.


We only work with the best linguists around the world, ensuring 100% quality and unbeatable completion time



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