Translation and Proofreading

Translation and Proofreading

Translation and Proofreading

The Dublin and London offices of Certified Translation Services Ltd have inhouse experts ready to provide swift and accurate translation and proofreading services for all commercial and personal documents, whilst adhering strictly to all GDPR regulations. We take the utmost care to protect our clients’ data and privacy.

Translation and proofreading data processing

As part of the translation and proofreading services at Certified Translation Services Ltd, we will process the data contained in the documents which we receive. In order to protect and safeguard this data we have strict guidelines which are followed throughout the translation and proofreading process. All files which we receive are processed by our experts within 2 – 4 hours, after which the files are deleted. No files are kept on record after completion.

In addition all vendors and employees have signed non-disclosure agreements to ensure there are no data leaks during or after the processing. As a final security measures no files are shared outside of our EU providers. By complying with these GDPR measures we can guarantee the safety of your information and data.


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Documents which Certified Translation Services Ltd translate and proofread

Certified Translation Services Ltd provides translation and proofreading services for all types of commercial and personal documents where data protection is of high importance, including but by no means limited to:

  • Legal documents including power of attorney, real estate transactions, property deeds, certificates of incorporation, case summaries and all other legal documents
  • Personal documents including birth, death and marriage certificates, drivers’ licences, passports, bank statements, employment contracts etc.
  • Medical documents including medical reports, medical statements etc.
  • Educational documents such as academic transcripts, degrees, diplomas etc.


Please contact us for further information regarding our translation and proofreading services as well as information regarding the GDPR processes and standards which we follow in Certified Translation Services Ltd.



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