Translation, Notarisation and Legalisation of Power of Attorney by Apostille in Dublin and Cork

Translation, Notarisation and Legalisation of Power of Attorney by Apostille in Dublin and Cork

If you need to use documents issued by an attorney in a foreign language, such as a Power of Attorney document, then you will need a certified translation of the original and an Apostille stamp, so that it will be accepted by the local authorities. Our translation agency at will help you translate, notarise and legalise all the documents you need.

Translation and legalisation process of your POA by Apostille in Dublin and Cork

When a Power of Attorney (POA) or other legal documents, such as a Letter of Consent, are being prepared to be used in another country, they first needs to be translated into the language of the country in which they will be notarised, before they can bear the official Apostille stamp. This means that if we are preparing your POA to be used in Spain, it will be written in Spanish, but in order for it to be notarised in Ireland, the authorities need to be able to process it. Therefore, we will first translate your POA into English for it to be notarised and then we will proceed with the legalisation of your notarised copy by Apostille. The documents have to bear a verified signature of the person giving the power of attorney.

Once your documents have been drafted, the next step is notarisation. We make sure to follow all the correct notarisation guidelines for your documents to be deemed acceptable after authentication. We are working alongside certified and experienced notaries, which help us avoid delays and mistakes in the process.

Why choose to translate and legalise your POA documents by Apostille?

The Apostille certification of your documents is a complicated process that should not be handled by people unqualified for the task. If the paperwork is not handled properly and is rejected for any reason, it will mean extra costs and time for your business. Our translation agency at is fully versed in the Apostille process, its unique requirements and how they differ from one country to another. All the documents we receive will be certified by us and processed with no delays. We pride ourselves in our efficiency and yearlong success in serving our clients and our team of expert translators will be with you every step of the way to guarantee immaculate results at the most competitive prices.

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