Translation of Diplomas and School Certificates for People Applying to Study Abroad

Translation of Diplomas and School Certificates for People Applying to Study Abroad

If you want to start studying or you are looking to further your studies abroad, then you will need a translation of your diplomas and certificates issued by your home institution. Our translation agency at, with offices in Dublin and Cork, can offer you the best translation services for your valuable documents.

Diploma and certificate translation of documents

These are the documents that we most often deal with and can offer our yearlong experience in assisting you with them:

  • School diploma translation
  • Highschool certificate translation
  • College degree translation
  • Academic transcript translation

Why choose to translate your school documents and diplomas?

At our team of dedicated professionals consists of certified translators. This means that each document translated by them bears an official seal, something which is of the outmost importance when presenting the foreign institutions with your school certificates or academic documents and diplomas. Our agency employs translators from all around the world, guaranteeing that all documents will be translated into the languages that our clients need, while retaining the linguistic qualities only a native speaker can provide.

Academic and degree translations require a great deal of attention and sensitivity. The dedication we show is what separates our translation services from that of our competitors. We combine our attention to deal with our renowned professionalism accumulated after 10 years in the field, to yield a result that satisfies our clients. Process of translation of diplomas and school certificates

Because most institutions need a certified translation of your diplomas and other academic documents, our first step is to translate all the documentation. If required, we add a formal certification to the documents that proves they have been composed and reviewed by a certified translator. In addition, when it comes to formatting and layout, we follow all the guidelines and regulations to make sure your documents will be accepted by the relevant authorities.

Our translation agency consists of reliable and efficient translators from around the world. These professionals also apply all their knowledge regarding the different educational system of various countries, a service which makes our work stand out from our competition. All of the above enables us to provide you with the fastest results at the most competitive prices in the market. As a firm we also guarantee the safekeeping of your documents and vow our confidentiality.

If you have any questions regarding our services, feel free to send us an email or give us a call to schedule a meeting at our offices in Dublin and Cork.


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