Translation of documents for Romania

Translation of documents for Romania

We, here at Docsbase, with offices in Cork and Dublin, can ensure the highest quality of your translation from and into Romanian with quick turnaround times. Our private, but also our cooperate clients can verify the high-standard and quality of our translations throughout the years. We can offer you the most cost effective Romanian translations with the addition that all of our translations are fully certified, free of charge.

Document translation

No matter if it is legal or medical texts, marriage and/or birth certificates, passports, school record, or diploma or any other document, we can help you with its translation and legalisation. All of our translations are produced by translators with years of experience and expertise in their specialised field. All translations are proofread, guarantee the highest quality.

If it is a small translation, such as a marriage certificate we can send you the translation within 24 hours. If you are in a rush and need a translation very urgently, we can help you, by adjusting our process to your needs.

Documents for the Romanian Embassy

The Romanian Embassy or the Department of Foreign Affairs in Romania will only accept translation if they are translated by a register translator and include her or his seal, indicating that she/he is, indeed, a registered translator. In Ireland, there are only a handful of registered translators for Romania, meaning that it can be difficult to receive a translation that will be accepted by the Romanian Embassy.

Fortunately, we have such a registered translator in our team. The document in question will be translated and certified, bearing the seal of the registered translator, assuring that there will be no problems when submitting your documents to the Romanian Embassy or the Department of Foreign Affairs in Romania, as they are fully accepted by them due to our registered translator and fully certified translation.

The simple process to a translation

With us on your side the process will be less stressful and less time-consuming. Due to our years of experience in dealing with different Embassies and through our contact with registered translators, we can offer you translations, certifications and legalisations with almost no effort on your part. Simply send us an email or drop your documents off in one of our offices (either in Cork or in Dublin) and we will do the rest, ensuring that your documents are accepted by the Romanian Embassy or the Department of Foreign Affairs in Romania.

Additional information

We also can offer you translations from Romanian documents into English, as well as proofreading, formatting and editing of any document.

Feel free to call us or to come by one of our offices any time and talk personally about your concerns and wishes.


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