Translation of Educational Documents for CORU application

Translation of Educational and Professional Documents for CORU and RIAI application

Are you a recent medicine graduate whose qualifications has been issued outside of Ireland? Are you a non-Irish health or social care professional willing to move to Ireland to start working there? Or are you an architect willing to move to Ireland for work? can assist you in getting your non-Irish documents ready for the CORU and RIAI application process.

The word “CORU” refers to the Health and Social Professions Council in Ireland, and is responsible, among others, for regulating health and social care professions, validating documents issued outside of Ireland and allowing individuals with valid documents to register as practising health or social care professionals in Ireland.

The word “RIAI” refers to the Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland, which is the Irish Registration Body and Competent Authority for architects that issues statements confirming recognition of Irish and non-Irish prescribed qualifications and eligibility to seek registration.

If you want to apply for a job in one of these sectors, you will need to submit your documents to their offices. In order to get properly acknowledged, your documents must be translated into English before being used during the CORU or RIAI application process.

Why choosing to get your documents translated?, as the name suggests, is a fully certified company in Ireland, meaning that our translations are certified and are, in most cases, acknowledged by many institutions across the country without any further legalisation, whereas translations done in the country of issue might not be easily acknowledged and might require further legalisation in order to be properly acknowledged.

Proofreading and certification of translations done by you or by a translation company in your home country

The documents involved in the CORU or RIAI application process can sometimes be very large. Therefore, in order to save costs, you can do the translations by yourself, providing you are confident enough about translating these kinds of documents. If you opt for translating the documents by yourself, simply send us a copy of the translations afterwards, and we will kindly proofread the translations in order to make sure everything is correct and makes sense.

After proofreading the translations, we will take care of certifying the translations as if they had directly been done by

This approach could make you save at least 50% of all the costs.

Once certified, your translated documents will be ready for being used in the CORU application process.

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