Translation of French Documents

Translation of French Documents

You need a document translated from French into English or vice versa?

Docsbase is a translation agency that operates from offices in Dublin and in Cork. We value high-quality and efficiency and we aim to provide our clients with translations of exactly this high-quality. Our translations have quick turnaround times and by the time you collect them in one of our offices or receive them by post they will have been translated, proofread, if necessary formatted and fully certified. Among our clients, one of the most popular languages to translate from and into is French.

French Documents

Our corporate and private clients send us a great variety of French documents which need to be translated and often also notarised. We can provide both services for you and more.

Following, you can find some samples of document types we receive:

However, this list is not exhaustive.

Using our service will save you time and money! We will make sure that you receive a high-quality translation, which is also fully certified.

French Inhouse Translator

Especially smaller translations of, for example, marriage and/or birth certificates can be provided in 24 hours, thanks to our inhouse French translators. If you need a translation urgently, we can provide you with it within the same day – given that we have some hours to do so. All of our French translators, no matter if inhouse or freelancer, have years of experience in their field of translation and vast technical expertise. Due to our Inhouse translators we can provide you with even faster turnaround times!

If you need another language pair do not hesitate to ask. We offer most language combinations due to our wide range of different translators.

Submit your documents

If you want us to translate your French documents, send us your documents per email, post or drop them off in one of our offices in Ireland and we will give you a quote and we will provide you with all the information you need.

Do you have any question? Feel free to call us, send us an email or come to one of our offices in Dublin and Cork.

See our contact information below:
Tel.: 0207 93 69 896


We only work with the best linguists around the world, ensuring 100% quality and unbeatable completion time



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