Translation of Technical Manuals and Health & Safety Statements for Irish Companies

Translation of Technical Manuals and Health & Safety Statements for Irish Companies is working with Irish companies with overseas branches and foreign employees that require their technical manuals or health & safety statements translated.

Why would you need to have these documents translated?

English-speaking companies with branches established abroad or employing non-English-speaking workers/employees might want to have these types of documents translated so they can be properly understood by their workers. This also works the other wat around, if foreign companies decide to establish in Ireland or in any other English-speaking country, and need to have their documents translated into English (for an invitation to tender e.g.).

Why choosing

As has been very regularly processing these types of documents, we are now quite experienced in translating them and we can always count on various linguists that are also specialised in the relevant fields required for such translations.

The process

Simply provide with all the documents that need to be translated. Our specialised linguists will take care of performing top-quality translations of your documents. Moreover, if you need the translations to feature some specific and precise vocabulary, you can also provide with glossaries or linguistic databases, and we will make sure to use the relevant terminology and vocabulary you need for the documents to properly reflect the corporate mindset.

Once translated, the documents will be reviewed and proofread by our first-class quality control team. You will then have the opportunity to have a look at the documents and we will make any amendment you require. Then, once you have approved the documents, we will take care of certifying them, as this also makes part of our translation process, before delivering them to you.

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