Translation Project Management Process

With the introduction of the new Project Management and Translation Management system, our bookings, tracking and invoicing arrangements have become fully automated. This allows our clients full access via the independent client login and enables them to fully monitor existing projects, agreed deadlines and costs, budgets and financial data. Furthermore, this creates a unique communication and data transfer channel with the dedicated Project Manager.      

Please see a detailed description of our Translation process below:

Managing Workflow    

Although CTS is flexible regarding our approach to the delivery of the final translation, in order to meet our clients’ needs each and every time we will present below the steps of a standard translation process to better illustrate how we work and the main elements in the chain which lead to an efficient result.    

Receipt of Request       

A translation request is received by CTS – this may be by fax, email, FTP, OTM, post or by hand (CTS are completely flexible and have the technology to accept documents in any format).

A Translation Project Manager is assigned to the enquiry based on their experience, content, type of client and language pair involved. 

The Project Manager liaises with the client to determine their requirements and expectations. Once confirmed, the PM evaluates the request, confirms its acceptance and generates quotes and deadlines in addition to providing our Terms & Conditions and signing the relevant NDA.

The request and all details are entered into CTS’s CRM system

The Translation Order Process

Upon confirmation of an order, the following processes take place:

A full review of the order is completed in our CRM for each of the project stages, including a complete list of all parties responsible for each stage of the project and their respective deadlines.  

The Translation Project Manager  -

Saves the source text to CTS’s Translation CRM system unless this has been done automatically via XTRM 

Assigns the translation to the most appropriate Translator or divides it up between a team of Translators with relevant experience

Communicates throughout the project with the Translator(s) and with the client – this can be done automatically via the internal dashboard

Supplies progress reports to the client in line with the size and turnaround of the project      

The Translator    

Confirms that they have accepted the job

Translates the required text using terminology glossaries provided by the client and by CTS and consults other relevant reference material

Liaises and consults with the specified Translation Project Manager throughout the project regarding any queries or uncertainties

Returns the completed translation to the Translation Project Manager along with any applicable comments or queries.    

Following this, the Translation Project Manager

Carries out the preliminary checks for completeness and formatting

Assigns the translation to a Proofreader.

The Proofreader  

Checks the text against the original for grammatical errors, style, appropriate use of language and localisation 

Liaises with the assigned Translation Project Manager regarding the translation

Returns the fully proofread translation to the assigned Translation Project Manager and provides feedback, tracking all changes 

Once order is complete, the Translation Project Manager        

Saves the fully translated and proofread document to the system

Modifies and re-formats files where necessary 

Delivers the completed, certified translation to the client via mail, FTP, OTM, fax, post, disc or memory stick as per the client’s request. 

CTS can also, depending on the sensitivity of the material, deliver by hand or via in-house courier. 

Alongside the translation, we provide a certification sheet which shows our company credentials and contains the relevant information about the translated document including the language combination, name of the Translator, name of the Proofreader and name of the Project Manager who oversaw the order. It will also bear the date, original signatures and company stamps.     


Upon receipt of a task, the following processes take place:

The Translation Project Manager:

Saves the source text to CTS’s Translation CRM system.

Assigns the Translation to the most appropriate Translator based on the content or divides it up between the most suitable team of Translators. 

Communicates throughout the entire project with the Translator(s) and with the client.        

Supplies the client with progress reports throughout the project - depending on the size/turnaround of the job       

Coordinates the proofreading and editing of the translated files

Delivers the translation to the client via the pre-agreed method whether it’s email, hard copy, OTM Service/Portal, courier etc.

When GSS receives a request from a client, the requested service is logged on to our system with the full details of the request including: 

Client name         


Translation request – all details

Quote (if provided)

Deadline/delivery date

Name of Translator & Proofreader

Any other information relevant to the specific job, PO number etc.    

Once the entire job has been assessed by our Translation Project Manager, the order is assigned to the appropriate Translator or team of Translators.

Once the Translator has completed the assignment, the PM will produce a complete invoice for the assignment. This information will then be checked against our quote and purchase order (PO) and this information will be used when producing our client invoices.  This process is now fully automated thanks to our internal CRM system and the client can check all financial data online via their dedicated channel.       

Invoicing and Order Management 

Our Quotation, Invoicing and Payment Systems are fully automated in our CRM. Clients, PMs and Freelancers enjoy full flexibility to review and check their financial data via dedicated online access to our system   Each quote is sent to the client via our online system displaying the full details of the enquiry, prices, completion time etc. 

When a quote is accepted, the enquiry becomes WIP (work in progress).

Each order is then given a unique PO number (normally provided by client).

This is logged into our CRM and can be monitored by both the PM and the client. 

When a partial or total order is outsourced to a third party Translator, a unique internal PO is created on our system which is linked to the client’s PO. 

As soon as the freelancer or the in-house Translator confirms their availability and accepts the deadline, we convert the estimate/quote to invoice and this can be viewed by the client in our CRM or can be emailed to the client upon request. 

When the order is complete, delivered and signed off, the invoice becomes payable immediately or on term, depending on the payment terms agreed. 

Payment terms are usually 30 days depending on the individual arrangements with the client.       



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