Localization can be referred to as cultural adaptation of a translated text before it is published and
presented to a different target audience from the original audience.

What is localization?

International companies localize information about their operations in global markets for business growth and opportunities and to be able to promote their products and services globally. Our agency can provide you with this service for a wide range of documents and on a wide range of platforms – online, in company literature and in employee documentation amongst others.

Localization is a technicalservice that requires in-depth knowledge of the country and culture the information is to be presented to. It is an effective and important marketing tool when performed accurately. In this expanding global market, it is very important to have an understanding of other cultures and in this way be able to market accurately and effectively to expand your customer base.

We offer localization solutions and services for all types of formats to a wide range of sectors and industries. Our language and localization experts will create and customise the most suitable and effective product for any order placed with us.

Our offices can provide you with these services. With our head office based in Dublin, Ireland, we are a global company working with all types of clients and orders around the world. We have offices in many different countries in Europe and have an office in Russia.


    Global Expansion

    Our localization services can help companies who wish to expand around the world communicate more effectively with local customers, businesses and government sectorsusing clear and effective language. Our precise and culture-customised translations are effective and most importantly easily understood at a local level, which is vital for commercial or purely informative success of any global operation.

    Cultural Knowledge

    Furthermore, our language and localization experts have the relevant cultural academic and practical knowledge and expertise that will guarantee the quality of all the content, irrespective of its complexity or volume. We have the expertise, knowledge and most importantly passion in working in culturally diverse and stimulating environments.


    Legalization and Country Specific Regulations

    While localization services per se do not require any specific procedures of legalisation of documents, certified translation or notarized translation, there might nonetheless be some country-specific regulations as to the format or presentation of the text. These can be addressed by our language experts. However, if you wish to discuss this prior to placing an order, please contact a member of our team for a free consultation.

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