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Our company uses internal quality control procedures based on the bespoke system developed by our Swiss office.
We have implemented this system in all our offices, so we can guarantee the very best service.

Quality Control for Certified Translation in New York

DocsBase Inc Translation Services in New York provides the most dependable translations because of our time tested quality control system. Document translation is a detail-oriented field where even the slightest mistake can cause irreparable harm. That is why we don’t take any chances. We are insured by professional identity insurance and we always offer payment protection and money back guarantee.

Swiss Quality Control in New York

One our office in Switzerland set the standard for quality control and it is now replicated by all our offices worldwide. We make sure that all orders are in compliance with the provisions developed by the Swiss branch. This means we value customer service, leadership, and involvement of real people, not machines, in all quality control at all levels. We are constantly self-evaluating so that the process of improvement never stagnates. At every stage of the translation process, from your initial enquiry to the follow up after your document has been delivered to you, we treat each step with the utmost care. We do this because we know that the documents we translate are extremely important to our customers.

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Quality Control for Important Documents

Documents that need translated for official use are often vital to the individual. These types of documents maybe a birth certificate or a medical record. A student might need to translate his or her university transcript to apply for graduate school. It is extremely important to be careful with every detail of these translations. The most common translations we do are: birth, marriage, divorce certificates, university transcripts, medical documents, police records, and more. These types of documents cannot have even a minor error at risk that they will not be accepted by the corresponding authorities.

Why DocsBase for Document Translations in New York

Why choose DocsBase Inc. for your document translation? The answer is simple. It is our quality control, our responsive customer management, our professional translators, and our years of experience. We started with one office in Europe and have now expanded to numerous different countries and North America. Our presence in New York takes adds yet another world capital to our territory. We are successful because customers are happy with our service, they tell their friends to come to us, and they are repeating customers.


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