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Business Translation Services in Ireland

Certified Translation Services offers a wide range of business translation services throughout Ireland and the UK. Business documents can be of different kinds, they may be legal, commercial, financial or simply personal business correspondence. We will be glad to share our expertise and industry knowledge with you. We can also take care of mixed business documents, such as contracts, company registry documentation, correspondence and financial statements, all in one order.

In the 21st century, to take your business to the next level means entering the global marketplace. Business has become an international competition and is no longer country-specific. In order to reach a number of different markets, you must not only translate to different languages, but also localise according to regional expectations. We can guarantee that we have an industry expert to take care of your documents so that they are translated into the language of your choice and localised to the specific place. All orders are assigned to qualified and certified translators, with knowledge of appropriate business terminology in the languages they work with.


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What expectations do you have for your product? Do you have timelines? What market do you want to reach? Let us know how we can help you take the next step. We are the quickest and most accurate translation service in Ireland. We are comfortable working under deadlines. Whether you are translating for your customers, for your foreign workforce or any other aspects of human resources, we are knowledgeable and experienced enough to provide you with an excellent service.

Confidentiality and Legalisation in Ireland

Business world is competitive and we can assure that your documents will be handled carefully and in confidential manner. Although a globalised economy can be a good thing for businesses, it also means an increase in competition. Don’t entrust your documents with just anyone. We guarantee complete confidentiality so that you don’t have to worry.

If your document is needed for official use in a foreign country e can subsequently certify the translated document or offer other means of legalisation. Please check with relevant authorities whether the translated version you are submitting must also be legally certified by notary public or solicitor. We also offer apostille and consular legalisation services.


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