Company Search Reports on Irish Companies

Company Search Reports on Irish Companies

Docsbase Translation and Legalisation Services UK and Ireland can assist you in conducting prompt searches of any companies registered in Ireland.  The information sourced in the report will include all the latest company details held by the Companies Registration Office (CRO). Note that the information is updated in real time so your reports will always include the latest information as provided by the company. The only thing we need in order to carry out the search is the name or registration number of the company which you wish the search to be carried out on.  Once it is ready, the Company Search Report will then be forwarded to you by email or post (as preferred). 

What information will be included in the Company Search Report?

Once you have requested your Company Search Report from Docsbase Translation and Legalisation Services UK and Ireland, you can expect the following information to be included in the report: Date of incorporation and registration number, all details regarding the Company Director (such as name, address, date of birth, details of other directorships), Share Holders’ details (including names, addresses, and number of shares held), name and address of Company Secretary, Directors Reports and Accounts where available, and the current status of the company with the CRO.

For which companies can I obtain a Company Search Report?

Docsbase Translation and Legalisation Services UK and Ireland can obtain a Company Search Report for any company registered with the Companies Registration Office, which is the central repository of all public information and company names for Irish companies.  As such we can provide information on any company, including Public Limited Companies, Private Limited Companies and Companies Limited by Guarantees which has been registered in Ireland.


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Reasons for obtaining a Company Search Report

There are many different reasons, both personal and corporate, why you may want to obtain a Company Search Report. Company Search Reports can provide valuable information about potential employers, tenants, suppliers, and business partners. They serve as background checks which can protect you from a range of potential issues such as bad debt, fraud, and illegal activities. Company Search Reports can also provide useful information regarding industry competitors which can increase your competitive edge on the market. Docsbase Translation and Legalisation Services UK and Ireland can provide further guidance as to how the reports should be read and interpreted, as well as what to look out for.


If you have any queries or would like to receive a quotation for a Company Search Report, please contact Docsbase Translation and Legalisation Services UK and Ireland and we will be happy to help you.


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