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Document Legalisation in Ireland, the UK, and abroad

Document Translation Services is an experienced translation and legalisation agency based out of Dublin, but with international offices in various locations. We offer services to people, organizations, and businesses that have documents for official use abroad or for those who seek to use foreign documents locally. We provide our services at the most affordable prices and with the quickest completion times. It is true that a certified translation can be considered as an official translation of a document, but often, a document is considered invalid if it does not have the correct certification. At Document Translation Services, we guarantee our translations will be certified and accepted wherever they are submitted.

We will analyse and prepare your documents in a way that meets the requirements of authorities where they will be submitted. We will advise you on the most cost effective type of certification, whether it is a Notary, Solicitor, Translator Certification of a true copy of the original, Apostille, etc. For large volume documents, we provide discounts that you can take advantage of. We can make appointments with legal specialists and provide an interpreter if you are not sure about your English skills.

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Document legalisation for use abroad

As previously mentioned, a certified translation may be sufficient for document legalisation. However, in certain cases, a different type of legalisation may be required. If you are intending to use your document abroad it may need a consular legalisation or an apostille. What are these? The Hague Convention established a quicker, easier way for official documents of one country to be accepted in another: the apostille. We have a legalisation team that can assist you in getting an apostille for your document.

Most countries are signatories to The Hague Convention, but not all. If this is the case, you will need consular legalisation or, as it is often called, embassy legalisation. This is not a smooth a process as the Apostille. Different countries require different steps to gain a consular legalisation. When you enquire with our company, please make sure to give us all the details you have regarding your documents and their destination country.

We will make sure that your document is correctly prepared for the Immigration, Marriage, Legal, Business and any other purpose.


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