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Engineering Translation Services in Ireland

Technical industry documentation is hard to translate and looking for an expert can be time consuming. At Certified Translation Services in Dublin, we offer translations of civil, chemical, electrical and mechanical engineering documents within a short timeframe. These are specific services that not just any translation agency can handle. They require specific terminology, an excellent understanding of the industry and experience translating similar documents.

All orders are assigned to qualified and certified translators, with knowledge of appropriate technical engineering terminology in the languages they work with. They also are knowledgeable on the legal aspects as well as latest changes and developments in this area. Our expert proofreader industry expert will review the translated text and check every single detail before the final document is returned to you. The proofreaders we work with are proficient in both the input and output languages and like our translators pay maximum attention to detail and accuracy of the translated text. Proofreading is an extremely important final step to translating. No matter how qualified the translator is, proofreading will never be skipped.


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At Certified Translation Services, we understand that formatting is a big part of translation. We can keep documents in their original formatting. We can furthermore reproduce in the translated document the graphs and diagrams from the original file. An industry expert would then be invited to review the work to ensure that the translated text matches the formatting from the original as well as from the translated document.

Certification, legalisation and other services in Ireland

Do you need certification or legalisation services as well? We can subsequently certify the translated document, if required. Please check with relevant authorities whether the translated version you are submitting must also be legally certified by notary public or solicitor. If you document is need for official use in a foreign country, we can help you get an apostille or consular legalisation. This is a two in one service that we can provide at a discount. Note, we also provide discounts on large jobs and with repeating customers. We value your loyalty.

Contact us today to see how we can assist you. Remember to give us as much information as you can so that we may properly advise you. Also, if you can upload your document we can provide a more accurate quote and timeline for the project. We are excited to work with you!


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