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Legal Translation Services in Ireland

Based out of Dublin, Certified Translation Services provides high quality translation services in Ireland and the UK. While can translate any type of document or website, we specialise in the translation and legalisation of legal documents. It seems nothing can be done today without some type of legal or vital document. When one of your legal docs is written in a foreign language, it can make submitting it to the authorities a nightmare. Let us help you! We have years of experience in both translation and legalisation, both of which are often required for successful submissions.

We translate any and every type of legal document. Here are some of most frequently translated documents:

  • Power of Attorney
  • Declarations and affidavits
  • Contracts
  • Visas and work permits
  • Civic documents such as marriage, birth and death certificates
  • Divorce documents and certificates, etc


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We only employ certified translators with knowledge of appropriate legal terminology in the languages they work with as well as with experience in translating legal documents for a wide range of purposes. All translated texts are subsequently checked by a legal specialist fluent in the two languages the document is translated from and to. Where necessary the translated document is checked by one of our in-house solicitors for legal accuracy of the language.

We can subsequently certify or prepare Apostille for the translated document, if required. Please check with relevant authorities whether the translated version you are submitting must also be legally certified by notary public or solicitor.

Certification, legalisation and other services in Ireland

Often, in order for legal documents to be accepted for official use, they will require some type of legalisation. All our translations certified but if you require special certification/legalisation, make sure to inform us. Please check with relevant authorities whether the translated version you are submitting must be legally certified by notary public or solicitor. If you document is need for official use in a foreign country, we can help you get an apostille or consular legalisation. This is a two in one service that we can provide at a discount. Note, we also provide discounts on large jobs and with repeating customers. We value your loyalty.


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