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Document Translation Service is the most trusted translation agency in Ireland and the UK. Our experienced staff has years of experience in document translation and legalisation. One of our specialty areas is patent translation. We translate all types of patent documents, including but not limited to patent applications, patent renewals, patent appeals and patent approvals, etc. We can also assist our clients in preparing and translating any application or appeal supporting documentation, be it legal documents, business or private correspondence.

Our language and field specialists will be happy to share their knowledge of patent regulations as well as the language and terminology that would make your document clear and legally valid when submitted to the relevant authorities within the European Union or abroad.

The international organisation that deals with patents and innovations in the EU is the European Patent Convention (EPC), of which Ireland is a member. With headquarters in Munich, the EPC manages patent application procedures across the Union in the signatory states to the Convention.

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The easiest way to translate patent documents is with Document Translation Services

Patent application is a lengthy process. Should you require any additional documentation to be prepared or translated while your application is being processed, we will be delighted to prepare all additional paperwork in the format identical to the original application, should this be required.

Document Translation Services is the most trusted translation agency in Ireland and the UK. We understand that any information you submit to us is confidential so we treat it that way. You can feel secure entrusting your patent materials with our agency. We are experienced and, at the same time, continually evolving to be up to day on the latest patent related rules, vocabulary, and guidelines. No matter what languages you are translating into and out of, we can help. Our team is knowledgeable and experienced.

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