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Certified Translation Services is a Dublin-based translation agency offering competitive prices for translations in Ireland. We deliver top-quality translations at the most affordable prices for German to English and English to German documents. While we handle a wide range of documents, we frequently translate career-related documents like CVs or resumes. Generally, German to English resumes cost around 25 euros per page, but prices may vary depending on complexity and quantity. We offer discounts for large orders and returning customers.

Why is a certified translation of your CV essential? When applying for jobs in Ireland, you’ll need to submit application materials in English. With Dublin’s emergence as a leading European tech destination, we’ve seen a significant increase in CV translations and other documents like diplomas, transcripts, and cover letters. Employers often require not only an English version but also a certified translation. We can provide that service. Whether the employer requests a certified version or not, you’ll need the most accurate, professional translation possible. In terms of formatting, we’ll keep the translation as close to the original as possible and localise the translation to align with industry expectations.

How do we offer high-quality translations at such affordable prices? We have in-house German and English translators, ensuring reliable, accurate translations and the quickest completion times. Handpicking our in-house translators allows us flexibility in areas of expertise. We maintain a diverse range of specialisations among our translators and assign your CV based on your job experiences, ensuring the proper terminology is used—an essential but often overlooked aspect of translation.

Contact us today to discover how we can help you. Send us an email with details about your translation needs and attach your document so we can provide you with a quote, including price and completion time. We look forward to working with you!

How does it work?

  1. Fill out form of the right or send us an e-mail containing as much information as possible about your enquiry ( reason for translation, any instructions given by the requesting authority, deadline, type of certification etc )
  2. Be sure to include your document as a scan or a photo image (a picture from your phone is sufficient)
  3. Please chose any additional extras: express service, postage, extra copy etc
  4. Provide your contact information and complete the order
  5. Our project manager will be in touch shortly confirming the order

Other services with Document Translation Services

We also have a legalisation team that can handle more difficult process like Apostille Services or Consular Legalisation. Please let us know if you need to legalise your original document or translation of your document for use abroad

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