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Certified Translations of Adoption Documents in Ireland

Based out of Dublin, Certified Translation Services is an international translating and document legalisation service. We provide the most affordable prices in Ireland and abroad for translations and legalisations in Ireland and abroad. We can translate any type of documents including legal, vital, medical, financial, corporate and more. One essential type of document we translate is adoption related documents. We understand the importance of these types of documents which is why we decided to include them in our services.

Adoption document translation with Certified Translation Services

Adding a new member to the family is no small step. There are countless of forms to fill out, decisions to be made and reading to be done. We can help you through the process. All of our translations are completed certified and guaranteed to be accepted by the requesting authorities.

The international adoption process implies that most of the documents must be translated both into the language of the country you adopt a child from and into English.


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We specialise in translation of Adoption documents from Mexico, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other countries. We also provide certification and legalisation services for Adoption Documents in Ireland and in Ukraine, Russia and other countries.

Whether you need to prepare document for Adoption in foreign country or translate and certify adoption documents for Irish authorities – please contact our consultant and see how we could help.

We can take calls in: Russian, Latvian, Polish, Spanish, Portuguese, Ukrainian, Romanian, French and Italian!

Legalisation of documents with Certified Translation Services

In most cases, translation must be legalised. A government agency will ask that the original documents be authenticated. In Ireland, this can mean getting an apostille. We can help you through the apostille process. It can be time-consuming and confusing, but, don’t worry, we have a legalisation team that does this type of thing every day.

Our professional translating agency specialises in the preparation of legal documents. Over the years, we have translated hundreds of Adoption Documents from many countries so we know exactly what this procedure involves. We can also certify your documents with Notary stamps, when an apostille is not required, which will give your document legality abroad.

It is extremely important that the adoption documents are translated by experienced translators. That's why we work only with translators with a solid legal and technical background and years of experience.

Our service is easy, fast and reliable and at a price you can afford!

We translate into any European and non-European language you may require.


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