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Translate Immigration documents with Certified Translation Services

We are international translation agency specializing on document translation and legalization in Ireland. We have years of experience translating all types of documents for use in Ireland and abroad. One of the areas we most commonly translate documents for is immigration. We don’t need to express the importance of high quality translations when dealing with immigration matters. If you were born in a different country and now reside in Ireland, we can make sure that all your vital documents are translated to the standards requested by the Irish governmental agencies. If you are Irish and have immigration matters to deal with in a different country, we can help too. No matter what language you are translating to, we can do the job. Certified Translation Services provides a truly comprehensive service, including translation and document legalisation.

Immigration specific translations with Certified Translation Services

We prepare, translate and certify your documents at the highest quality in the quickest completion times.

All our translators are native speakers with years of experience in translating. You will get perfectly formatted, proof-read certified translations that are guaranteed to be accepted by the requesting authorities! We also make urgent translation- you can get your document even 2 hours after the order!


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Need to certify documents by Solicitor or Notary?

We can do that for you! You won’t need to make an appointment! Just ask us and we will certify your documents by Solicitor or Notary the same day!

If you live far away from one of office, don’t worry. You can simply scan your documents and e-mail them to us. We can provide the translations via e-mail and post back the hard copies. It’s that easy.

Guaranteed acceptance for immigration documents

As our name indicates, all of our translations are certified. Having a certified translation is of the utmost importance when it comes to immigration matters. A government agency will quickly reject any translations that are not certified. Even if you can do perfectly suitable translation on your own, it will still be rejected by the authorities for not be certified. If you would like, we provide proofreading services at a cheaper rate. So we can proofread your translation and then provide our stamp for certification. It’s just another affordable service we provide!


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