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Interpretation Services in Ireland

Certified Translation Services is the leading translation, document legalisation and interpreting service in Ireland. Our interpreting services are aimed at providing the best service for easy and successful communication. How is interpreting different from translating? Translating is communicating meaning from language to another in written text. Interpreting is the oral communication of meaning from one language to another. Interpreting is essential for face to face meetings of two individuals that don’t speak the same language.

Being bilingual does not mean somebody is a qualified interpreter. Interpreting is a practiced skill that takes years to perfect. We have highly trained interpreters in many different languages that can ensure smooth communication without losing any information.

We can offer both simultaneous and consecutive interpretation. Simultaneous occurs in real time and is better for meetings. The people speak naturally and the interpreters convert the speech into the other language. Their voice often overlaps the speaker’s voice. Consecutive interpretation is better for legal proceedings. The speakers pause at the end of each sentence or few sentences and then the interpreter will interpret. While it requires more time, it is a clear, more mistake-free option.


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Our database of native certified interpreters includes:

We offer interpreting services in Ireland for civil registration procedures, at Marriage ceremonies, Social Consultations, conference interpreting, medical interpreting for appointments in Hospitals and Clinics, legal interpreting at consultations with the Irish solicitor and much more.

All our interpreters are available in the office from Monday to Friday. We speak your language and can provide last minute booking wherever you are.

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Even if you don’t see the languages you require in the above list, that doesn’t mean we can’t provide interpreting services. Send us an e-mail detailing what languages you need, when, where, the content of the interpreting, and any other relevant information. Depending on what type of interpreting it is, will change which interpreter we send. An interpreter must be familiar with the terminology of the information that will be transmitted.


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