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Certified Translations in Ireland and abroad

Document Translation Services is an experienced, international translation agency with its headquarters in Ireland. We provide certified translations at the most affordable prices and with the quickest completion times. We can prepare your documents for use in any country regardless of the document type. We often prepare personal documents including such things as Marriage/Divorce certificates, Immigration forms, Education transcripts/diplomas, Business or Legal paperwork.

Our highly skilled, professional translators are qualified, bilingual, and always native speakers. They are selected based on their experience and special areas of expertise. We also have a rigorous quality management system that requires that every completed translation is double checked by a proof-reader and editor before we deliver the finished document to the client. Why do we do this? We know how important a translation is. The final copy has to be error-free, clearly understood, and similar aesthetically.

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Why choose Document Translation Services here in Ireland and the UK

We have years of experience translating documents for use all over the world. We employ not only local project managers, translators, and proofreaders who are familiar with the standards and industry, but also those with an international background as well. We consider ourselves a diverse agency with native speakers of many different languages.

We specialise in the following documents: Adoption Cases, Power of Attorney, Legal Contracts, Employment Contracts, Company Registration Documents, Tax and Accounting Documents, Legal documents such as: Marriage, Divorce, Court Decree, Birth Certificates etc.

Remember that the translation of a document is often a very complex procedure that requires a lot of expertise outside of simple translation. Just because somebody is fluent in two languages does not mean they are a good translator. Each type of document requires specific and official vocabulary. If this vocabulary is not employed, the document may not be accepted. We have an incredible track history when it comes to accepted documents because of our highly selectivity when hiring translators and because of our strict quality management system.

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