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31 January 2023
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If you need to use documents issued in the UK or Ireland in Vietnam, they will need to go through a consular legalisation process. This ensures that the signatures and stamps on the documents are authentic. At Certified Translation Services, we handle the entire legalisation process for you, so you don't have to worry about a thing.

Consular legislation of documents from the UK and Ireland for use in Vietnam

Any documents which have been issued in Ireland or the UK will need to go through a Consular legalisation process before they can be used in Vietnam. This procedure certifies the authenticity of the signatures and the stamps/seals on the documents. The process involves several different steps with authentication from various entities, however, Certified Translation Services are here to handle the entire process for you from start to finish. We will arrange for your documents to be collected, and when all steps have been carried out including the final Consular legalisation from the Embassy of Vietnam, the documents are promptly returned to you.

Certified Translation Services specialises in Vietnamese document legalisation work

Documents which require to be authenticated for use in Vietnam

Most documents that you intend to use in any official capacity in Vietnam will need to be authenticated before they are accepted. At Certified Translation Services we arrange for the legalisation of both personal and commercial documents from our Dublin and London offices. Personal documents may include birth, death, marriage, divorce, adoption certificates, school transcripts, medical files, passports, driver’s licences, etc. Commercial documents include (but are by no means limited to) contracts, power of attorney, certificates of incorporation, financial accounts, board resolutions, etc.

Consular Legalisation Process for Vietnam

Although the legalisation process may seem complicated, Docsbase Translation and Legalisation Services UK and Ireland will handle every step from the moment we receive your documents. In the event that the document which you are submitting for legalisation is a photocopy, we will first arrange for the authenticity of the photocopy to be verified by a Solicitor or Notary. This is arranged by our Dublin office for documents originating from Ireland, and by our London office for documents originating from the UK. Original documents may be required for this step, depending on the type of document.

The next step involves the documents being verified by Apostille certification, which is done by the Department of Foreign Affairs in Ireland or by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, depending on where the documents were issued. The Apostille certificate will generally be affixed, signed, and stamped on the reverse side of your document.

Once all necessary authentication signatures and stamps have been obtained, the documents are sent to the Embassy of Vietnam in London, where a Consular official will verify the preceding authentications and sign and stamp the document. As there are no legalisation services for Vietnam available in Ireland, all Irish documents will be sent to the Embassy of Vietnam in London for this step of the process. Once this has been completed, the Dublin and London offices of Certified Translation Services will arrange for the safe return of your documents by post or courier.


For further information regarding the legalisation of documents issued in Ireland or the UK for use in Vietnam, please contact us at Certified Translation Services so that we can provide you with a quotation. We’re here to support you every step of the way.

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