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Determining the Complexity Level of Your Translation Order

When it comes to translation services, understanding the complexity level of your order is crucial. There are several factors that determine the level of difficulty, including the language combination and the type of text being translated. At CertifiedTranslations.ie, we provide a breakdown of our translation complexity levels to help you determine the appropriate pricing for your order.

Language Combination and Scope of the Text

One of the primary factors in determining the complexity level of a translation is the language combination. For example, translating a document from Guarani to Turkish would be more difficult than translating from French to English. Additionally, the scope or topic of the text can also play a role in determining its complexity level. For instance, civil documents are generally easier and faster to translate than complicated technical manuals or company statutes.

Translation Complexity Levels

At CertifiedTranslations.ie, we offer three categories of translation complexity levels.

1st category (Elementary)

– Diplomas, certificates, grades
– Employment and study references, professional references, business correspondence and personal letters
– Non-standard civil registration documents, dwelling address confirmation and other civil documents
– Forms with personal information
– Company registration certificates of individuals and legal entities
– Custom references (invoices, packing lists, certificates of origin, etc.)

2nd category (Average complexity)

– Transcript of Grades/Credits
– Employment records, Powers of Attorney
– Professional resumes
– Product data from labels
– Manuals and other technical texts
– Texts on economic topics, reviews, audits
– Standard agreements (i.e. apartment sale -purchase agreement, study agreements, employment agreements not containing complex legal terms)
– Legal agreements containing financial and technical data
– Company statutes and articles of association
– Court documents
– Standard legible medical documents, printed or written neatly (references, illness history)
– Financial documents, tax reviews, balances, audit conclusions, etc.
– Documents of poor quality from the 1st category

3rd category (Higher complexity)

– Complex medical documents containing medical terms and abbreviations, medical references with illegible handwriting (diagnosis, examinations, etc.)
– Information on companies and organisations as well as product information meant for publishing online or broadcasting
– Scientific articles and works, theses
– Philosophical and religious texts
– Other specialised texts (chemistry, biology, mathematics, physics, etc.)
– Complex audits and specific texts, manuals Documents of poor quality from the 2nd category

Our Translation Services - Accurate, Timely, and Customized to Your Needs

Knowing the complexity level of your translation order is essential to ensure accurate pricing and timely delivery. At CertifiedTranslations.ie, we are committed to providing our clients with transparent pricing and high-quality translations. Contact us today to learn more about our translation services and pricing options.

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