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We specialise in urgent and quality translations for the lowest prices in Ireland and the UK

Regular document (birth/marriage/divorce certificates, court decisions, degrees/diplomas, adoption papers, etc.) take roughly 24 hours. If you need urgent translation (within 1 – 2 hours), the cost will go up by only 5 to 10 euro. We can send the translation to you by post which will take 1– 2 days.

We employ our own translators rather than using freelancers and we can do most language pairs in-house. If there is a very uncommon language pair, we have trusted freelance translators that we have been working with for years. What matters most to us is quality, which is why we have editors and proof-readers that check every translation before it is considered completed.

Every single one of our translations is certified. We are part of numerous international translation organizations including ITI, ATC and ATA. Our translators are experienced with courts, immigration offices, tax offices etc, not only in Ireland and UK, but in all of Europe and North America. We also work with solicitors and notaries; therefore, we often include into the price their certification – services that our competitors charge extra for.

The reasoning behind the creation of this company was to provide low-cost translation services in Ireland whether it be a standard certificate or complex legal document. We are proud to offer prices that are significantly lower than what our competitors can offer.

A standard document with the agency stamp and certification can cost you as little as €25

What can affect the translation costs:

  • Urgency (see above)
  • Quality of the original (bad copy, illegible handwriting)
  • Notary or solicitor certification. If the document requires additional certification or client’s signature has to be certified by a notary or solicitor (e.g. company registration, Power of Attorney, affidavits, etc.) – this will affect the basic cost of the translation.

Estimated Pricelist of Certification Services

General Pricelist.

Sworn translation

True copy of the original – Solicitor
from 30 Euro per page

Notary Services
from 50 Euro

Apostille Certification (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
from 65 Euro

Translation agency certification 1st document
free, next copy 10 Euro

Translation proofreading.

Complicated formatting – diagrams, graphics, audits
From 25 Euro per page

Transcribing and translating audio or video text
From 50 per hour, negotiable


You do not need to come to our office if you have don’t have the time. You send the documents by email, we work with them and send back the certified translation to you within 2 – 3 days.

  • E-mail (most common scenario – if you only need to certify translations, but not the originals):
    1. Scan your documents
    2. Email those to
    3. Describe the purpose for translation, put your return address clearly and 1 or 2 contact phone numbers.

    We will contact you as soon as we have received your documents

  • Post: (if you need the original to be certified or cannot send an email).
    1. Post a letter to us at: FAO: Alex, Certified Translation Services, 16 Inns Court, Winetavern Street, Dublin 8, D08 DV20. Please use registered post. Describe your order in detail and write the return address and your contact details. We will contact you as soon as we have received the translation.

And again, please send detailed description and contact details.


Posting the document is free for regular post with the purchase of a hard copy and 12 euro for registered post. This may be affected by the weight of the letter.


Bank Transfer, Revolut or all major credit/debit cards.

Bank account available on request

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Digitally Certified Translations – Accepted Worldwide

Since 2018, we have moved all our traditional certification methods online and created our own unique certification system for following the best practices of digital certification and encrypting all our work so that it can be easily verifiable and have the same value as a paper certification, while saving time and money, and making everything simple and efficient

Between our European and the US offices, we provide 24/7 service, for private and corporate clients for translation, authentication and management of documents online

we work with

Languages are our passion. We work with the best professionals from all corners of the globe.

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