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At Certified Translation Services, we are a close-knit team of passionate linguists, creative IT specialists, and dedicated project managers. With a shared vision of taking our business to the next level, we work together to deliver exceptional translation services to clients around the world.

We're a Global Presence

The Power of Human Input

  • Despite advances in AI and machine translation, we believe that human input is crucial to the translation process. That's why we combine the talents of the best translators with top-notch IT specialists, creating a winning formula that ensures optimized processes and exceptional service. Our inspired client managers are always on the lookout for new ideas to improve the client experience.

Global Reach

  • We operate all over the world, from London to Zurich, Kyiv to Dublin, NYC to Toronto. Our goal remains the same, no matter where we are - to deliver world-class translation services to our clients.

IT and Translation Technology Department

  • Our IT specialists in Kyiv, Ukraine, and Zug, Switzerland, are the driving force behind our technology solutions. They are constantly coming up with new ideas and innovations to optimize our translation processes. Our areas of focus include research and development, translation process optimization and automation, security and QA, and an AI-powered TMS.

Sales and Business Development Department

  • Our London and Dublin offices are home to our sales and business development team. They coordinate our business activities and work tirelessly to develop new ideas and strategies. Our areas of focus include business strategy, business development, client and vendor management, project management, and after-sales support.

Translation Production Department

  • Our translation production department is made up of a team of translators and proof-readers who are fully integrated into the PM process. We work with our clients throughout the CRM, ensuring that their translation needs are met quickly and efficiently. Our areas of focus include translation and proofreading, DTP and formatting, communication with the client, certification, and delivery.

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Digitally Certified Translations – Accepted Worldwide

Since 2018, we have moved all our traditional certification methods online and created our own unique certification system for following the best practices of digital certification and encrypting all our work so that it can be easily verifiable and have the same value as a paper certification, while saving time and money, and making everything simple and efficient

Between our European and the US offices, we provide 24/7 service, for private and corporate clients for translation, authentication and management of documents online

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Languages are our passion. We work with the best professionals from all corners of the globe.