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    Express Document Translation

    Choose from hundreds of pre-translated documents, and if your document looks like the one
    we have in our database – you can purchase a certified translation with a significant savings
    Certified Translation of Irish Birth Certificate from English to Chinese
    from 25 €
    Certified Translation of Austrian Certificate of Citizenship from German to English
    from 25 €
    Translation of Power of Attorney from English to Ukrainian
    from 35 €
    Certified Translation of Serbian Criminal Record Certificate from Latin Serbian to English
    from 25 €
    Certified Translation of Albanian Criminal Record Certificate from Albanian to English
    from 25 €
    Certified Translation of Russian Certificate of no Record of Civil Status State Registration from Russian to English
    from 25 €
    Certified Translation of Albanian Birth Certificate from Albanian to English
    from 25 €
    Certified Translation of Lithuanian Maturity Certificate from Lithuanian to English
    from 25 €
    Certified Translation of Angolan Marriage Certificate from Portuguese to English
    from 30 €
    Certified Translation of Irish Naturalisation Certificate from English to Lithuanian
    from 25 €
    Certified Translation of Norwegian Birth Certificate from Norwegian to English
    from 25 €
    Certified Translation of Serbian Marriage Certificate from Serbian to English
    from 25 €
    Certified Translation of Polish Diploma from Polish to English
    from 25 €
    Certified Translation of Malaysian Birth Certificate Form A from Malay to English
    from 25 €
    Certified Translation of Ukrainian Information Card from Ukrainian to English
    from 25 €
    Certified Translation of Irish Cremation Certificate from English to Ukrainian
    from 25 €
    Certified Translation of Ukrainian Divorce Certificate from Ukrainian to English
    from 25 €
    Certified translation of Greek Marriage Certificate from Greek to English
    from 35 €
    Certified Translation of Ukrainian Marriage Certificate from Ukrainian to English
    from 25 €
    Certified Translation fo Serbian Birth Certificate from Serbian to English
    from 25 €

    We are trusted since 2007

    We’re proud to work with some of the largest worldwide organisations, as well as smaller ones too, and we always go above and beyond for our clients.
    If you would like to find out about our special offers and discounts, please contact our team of experts.
    Companies, corporations, state bodies
    Private customers
    Certified Translation Services is the first Translation Company in Ireland that has transferred the entire translation certification process online. We have embarked on a new era in translations– everything is processed, managed, and stored online. We are applying digital certification standards to the translation industry since 2007, and our work is recognised and accepted around the world
    • 2007

      Certified Translation Services is born in the small Swiss town of Lucerne


    • 2010

      We are perfecting our craft and 200+ translators are now working around the clock in the EU and the USA


    • 2018

      New offices were set up in Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, Ireland and Austria


    • 2020

      Introduced AI technologies for translations that made them fast and affordable for our customers, and moreover, accepted in all major countries in the world.


    • Now

      We are focusing on further digitalising the entire process including certification, cloud storage, and direct communication between the clients and production team


    Fast and Affordable
    Digitalisation of the entire translation and Project Management processes allows us to make our work fast and affordable for our Customers
    Swiss Quality
    In addition to artificial intelligence technologies, each document is checked by professional linguists so you can be sure that everything is correct and your document will be accepted anywhere in the world.
    Convenient and Secure
    You no longer need to go to a translation agency or rely on post. You receive an official translation via secure link, the data is stored in the cloud and is always controlled by you, and can be easily shared with the requesting party. We are fully GDPR compliant and your documents are safe at all stages.


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