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If you are in Ireland and need translation services, look no further; we provide the most affordable, accurate translations in Ireland and the UK. Because we have an efficient translation system with smooth communication between our project managers, in-house translators and editors, we can do things other agencies cannot. We specialise in urgent and quality translations for the lowest prices.

Timing: Regular documents (birth/marriage/divorce certificates, court decisions, degree/diploma, adoption papers, etc.) can usually be done in 24 hours or less. If you need urgent translation (within 1 to 2 hours), the cost will increase in line with the time frame. We can send the translation to you by post, for an additional fee, which will take 1– 2 days.
Quality: We have years of experience in the translation industry. We have a team of project managers, in-house translators and editors that take pride in their work. Our translators are experienced with all types of civil documents, educational materials, court documents, immigration forms, website localisation, not only in Ireland and UK, but in Europe and North America. We also employ solicitors; therefore, we include in our price the services that our competitors charge extra for.
Price: The reason behind creating this company was to provide low-cost translation services in Ireland whether it be for a standard certificate or complex legal document. Our prices are significantly lower than what our competitors can offer.
Certified translations from €25 per A4 page.

Notary certification – €50, Solicitor certification – €30.

What can affect the translation costs:

  • Urgency (see above)
  • Quality of the original (bad copy, illegible handwriting)
  • Solicitor certification (€30 per true copy of the original/solicitor certified translation)
  • Notary certification. If client’s signature has to be certified by a notary (e.g. company registration, Power of Attorney, affidavits, etc.) this will cost extra. The cost for a notary certified translation is an additional €50.
  • Specialised translation: law, medicine, literature. Your costs in these cases might increase by 5 – 10 euro per page that we pay a specialised proof-reader.

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Digitally Certified Translations – Accepted Worldwide

Since 2018, we have moved all our traditional certification methods online and created our own unique certification system for following the best practices of digital certification and encrypting all our work so that it can be easily verifiable and have the same value as a paper certification, while saving time and money, and making everything simple and efficient

Between our European and the US offices, we provide 24/7 service, for private and corporate clients for translation, authentication and management of documents online

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Languages are our passion. We work with the best professionals from all corners of the globe.

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