Malay Translation

Malay Translation

Malay Translation to English Translation and Legalisation Services. Certified Translation Services.

Personal Malay Document Translation

Certified Translation Services is a leading translation agency based in Dublin, Ireland, and the United Kingdom. We offer high-quality document translation services for various languages, including European, North African, and Asian languages. One language that we specialise in is Malay, which is spoken by over 270 million people worldwide. Whether you need personal or business Malay document translation, we are your go-to agency.

Malay is the official language in Brunei, Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia. If you were born, married, or spent a significant amount of time in any of these countries, you will most likely need to translate vital documents into English or other languages. We have a long history of translating Malay documents such as birth/marriage/divorce/death certificates, medical documents, financial documents, bank statements, and legal documents. We also offer translation services for academic documents such as diplomas, transcripts, resumes, cover letters, and letters of recommendation. Our team of expert translators ensures that your documents are professionally translated and accepted by admissions offices and human resources divisions

Business Malay Document Translation

If you are looking to expand your business into the global market, we can help. We offer business and corporate translation services, including IT and technical translations. Our website localisation service ensures that your website is translated and tailored to meet the specific expectations of your target audience. We understand that Malay of Singapore is different from Malay of Malaysian, and we can help you adapt your business documents to fit your target audience.

At Certified Translation Services, we offer the most competitive prices for Malay document translation services. Contact us today via email or phone to explain what you need, and we will provide you with a quote that includes price and timeline. Don’t wait, let us help you with all your Malay document translation needs.

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