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31 January 2023
Document Legalisation Ethiopia
document legalisation ireland

If you need to use documents originating from Ireland in Ethiopia, you'll need to have them authenticated and legalized first. This can be a complicated process, but Certified Translation Services can handle everything from start to finish. Read on to learn more about the types of documents that need to be authenticated, the procedure for doing so, and how we can help.

Authentication of documents in the UK and Ireland for use in Ethiopia

If you have documents which originate from Ireland or the UK and which you intend to use in Ethiopia, these documents will need to be authenticated before they are legally valid and you are able to use them in Ethiopia. The requirements for authenticating and legalising documents may vary depending on the type of document you need.

Which types of documents need to be authenticated in order to be used in Ethiopia?

There are two main types of documents which may need to be authenticated and legalised for use in Ethiopia. Birth, death, and marriage certificates, passports, drivers’ licences, court orders, academic qualifications, etc make up the first category of personal documents which require authentication. The second category refers to all types of commercial and business documents such as Certificates of Incorporation, contracts, import /export records, etc. At Certified Translation Services we handle all of these requirements from start to finish from our offices in Dublin and London.

Procedure for authenticating and documents for use in Ethiopia

Any document originating from the UK which requires authentication must first be legalised by Apostille at the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Once this has been completed the documents are sent to the Embassy of Ethiopia in London for them to authenticate. When this process is complete the documents will be legally valid in Ethiopia. For documents originating from Ireland, a similar process is carried out with the help of our Dublin office, by sending the documents to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade for Apostille legalisation, and then on to the Ethiopian Embassy in Dublin.

The Ethiopian Embassies in London and Dublin will legalise the documents by affixing a stamp on the back of the documents, confirming which government official issued the Apostille. The legalisation is then further signed by an Embassy official.

In the event that the original document which needs to be authenticated is not available and a photocopy is used instead, this photocopy may need to be notarised by an Irish or British Notary Public prior to the authentication steps outlined above. Certified Translation Services will arrange this step for you as well through a solicitor who will verify the authenticity of the photocopy.

The Dublin and London offices of Certified Translation Services are fully equipped to handle all of these arrangements for you, returning the documents to you by post or courier once all required steps have been carried out and all relevant stamps affixed on your documents.


For further information and to receive a quotation for the authentication of documents for use in Ethiopia, please do not hesitate to contact us at Certified Translation Services so that we can discuss your specific needs.

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