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31 January 2023
Document Legalisation Iran
document legalisation ireland

Certified Translation Services provides guidance and assistance with the consular legalisation process for documents intended for use in the Islamic Republic of Iran. Our team specializes in the consular legalisation and commercial document legalisation of personal, business, and commercial documents.

Consular legalisation of documents in the UK and Ireland for use in the Islamic Republic of Iran

Consular legalisation of documents for use in the Islamic Republic of Iran entails legalisation by the consular section of the Iranian Embassy in Dublin or London. However, your documents must prior to that be certified and authenticated by competent local authorities. The process is not necessarily always straight-forward and can be time-consuming, but we are here to guide and assist you along the way.

What is the consular legalisation procedure?

We provide consular legalisation and commercial document legalisation services of any personal, business and commercial documents. Most documents that are consular legalised for use in Iran are commercial and must first be legalised by a notary public and apostilled by the relevant authority in Ireland (Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in) and in the United Kingdom (local Chamber of Commerce or Foreign & Commonwealth Office).

Please note that some trading and commercial documents must be consular legalised in a bundle, which means that they cannot be presented to the Iranian Embassy separately. Certificates of origin, for example, must be consular legalised together with the invoices that these are enclosed to.

NB: Another very important point is that your documents must be in an impeccable condition (e.g. no scratches or damages). If in doubt, please contact us and we will advise you accordingly.

What documents must be consular legalised?

Generally speaking, all Irish and UK documents for use in Iran must be consular legalised, however some of the most frequently requested documents are trade, shipment and business related and include certificates of origin (and invoices that these are enclosed to), sale invoices, health certificates (issued for foodstuffs upon inspection in confirmation of compliance with European standards), bills of landing, powers of attorney, credit and capital authentication certificates, articles of association, and personal documents, such as birth certificates and marriage or divorce certificates, although these are less common.

Please note that consular legalisation fees for invoices depend on the invoice amount. When you contact us, we provide a quote and a quote breakdown that includes translation, certification and consular legalisation services.

What is Apostille?

As Iran is not a member of the Hague Apostille Convention, all documents intended for use in the Islamic Republic of Iran, must be apostilled, meaning that they must be authenticated by the Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade in Ireland and the Legalisation Office in the United Kingdom in order to confirm that the signature, stamp or seal on your document has been affixed by an Irish or UK public official. This is a requirement prior to consular legalisation. We can ensure that your document is both apostilled and consular certified without your having to perform these procedures separately yourself.

When CTS receives a request from a client, the requested service is logged on to our system with the full details of the request including:

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