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31 January 2023
Document Legalisation Iraq
document legalisation ireland

Legalising documents for use in Iraq can be a complex and time-consuming process. Whether you need to legalise personal documents for visa purposes or commercial documents for business dealings, Certified Translation Services can help. Our team of experts can guide you through the process, ensuring that your documents are attested and legalised efficiently and accurately.

Legalisation of documents originating from the UK and Ireland for use in Iraq

At Certified Translation Services we arrange the legalisation and Consular attestation of all documents from the UK and Ireland for use in Iraq. This includes documents which require certification prior to Consular attestation, as well as Apostille legalisation. Once we receive your documents we handle all steps for you, and return the documents to you with the appropriate Apostille, stamps, signatures, and legalisations.

Documents which require legalisation for use in Iraq

Certified Translation Services handle both personal and commercial document attestation. Personal documents which need Consular attestation include birth, death, marriage and divorce certificates, passports, drivers’ licences, court records and documents, as well as other documents which you may need for the purpose of obtaining work, residence, and student visas in Iraq.

If you are setting up a business in Iraq, or trading with Iraq, you will require various commercial documents to be legalised and attested. These documents range from Articles of Association, Certificates of Incorporation, Power of Attorney, financial statements, import and export documents, and various other documents depending on the nature of the commercial activities you are engaging in.

What is the procedure for getting your documents legalised and attested for use in Iraq?

If the documents which you need to be legalised and attested originate from Ireland, we will first arrange for them to be notarised by a solicitor in Ireland, before forwarding them to Certified Translation Service’s London office. This step is needed as Iraq does not have a Consulate or Embassy in Ireland. In the event that the document which you are legalising is a photocopy and not the original, it will also need to be notarised in the country of origin – i.e. photocopies of documents originating in Ireland need to be notarised in Ireland, and photocopies of documents originating in the UK need to be notarised in the UK.

The next step involves verification by various official entities, depending on the type of document being legalised. This may include Apostille certification, legalisation by the Chamber of Commerce, and legalisation by the Arab British Chamber. The Dublin and London offices of Certified Translation Services will advise you of the exact procedure required for your specific documents, and will handle all requirements for you.

Once the documents have been certified and legalised by all concerned entities, they are sent to the Embassy of Iraq in London for Consular Legalisation. The Embassy of Iraq confirms the legality of the documents by stamping the documents, and they are then signed by an Embassy official. Certified Translation Services handle the full procedures outlined above from start to finish.


Please contact Certified Translation Services directly to discuss your legalisation needs, so that we can provide you with a quotation and timeline to suit your requirements.

When CTS receives a request from a client, the requested service is logged on to our system with the full details of the request including:

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