Document authentication and consular legalisation services

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Document authentication and consular legalisation services

Docsbase Translation and Consular Services Ltd – your trusted partner in legalisation of your personal or business documents issued in the UK and Ireland for the use abroad.

Everyone at least once in their lifetime must at some point have their document(s) authenticated and / or consular legalised.

Our company is uniquely positioned. With offices in the UK, Republic of Ireland and Switzerland, we cover almost all countries that do have consular services available in Ireland. We also specialise in visa and translation services and therefore have an extensive knowledge of the entire process.

What does it mean and why would someone need to authenticate and consular legalise documents?

Authentication is a procedure, whereby you are issued a confirmation of the origin of your document (but not the contents thereof), and the seal or stamp affixed unto it. This procedure is a requirement by many authorities before your document(s) can be accepted as valid overseas.

Consular legalisation is a procedure performed after authentication and entails legalisation of your document by the embassy or consulate of the country where you intend to use your document(s). For example, if you are moving to China for English language teaching, your Irish or UK academic certificates must be authenticated in Ireland (by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade) or the UK (Legalisation Office) and then consular legalised by the respective Chinese Embassy in Dublin or London.

Please note that documents to be authenticated and consular legalised, must be original!


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What other related services do we provide?

Apostille authentication in the UK, Ireland and Switzerland

We provide authentication and consular legalisation services separately or can take care of the entire process from translation (if required), to authentication and consular legalisation. If you are not sure if your document needs to be authenticated, please contact us and we can advise you accordingly.

Additionally, we offer legalisation of documents for use in the counties that have limited international presence, meaning do not have embassy or consular legalisation services either in the UK or Ireland. We have offices in Ireland, UK and Switzerland can ensure that your document has been legalised without having to outsource work to any other agency.

Making requests for documents and performing verification of documents in the UK and Ireland

We can also request documents on your behalf, in particular if for some reason you have no access to the original. We can request and obtain originals from the Companies Office, CRO, tax offices, professional and academic bodies, including universities, etc.

Our notary public can further verify authenticity of your document with the issuing bodies and prepare it for authentication and legalisation (Apostille, consular legalisation, etc).

We can furthermore draft and prepare both private and commercial documents on your behalf ensuring that these, e.g. powers of attorney, letter of consent, etc., would be accepted by the requesting authority overseas.

Embassy courier and sworn translation services

Finally, we offer a wide range of support services, such as translation. We have our own translation department and a professional team of reliable translators and proofreaders.

We also provide courier services and submit / collect your documents to from the embassy or other relevant authorities, whilst relying on a trusted courier company to ensure confidentiality and speedy processing and return times.

For any queries and for all your legalisation, notary public, translation needs in the UK and Ireland, please contact our office in Dublin or London office.


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