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Medical Translation

Document Translation Services is an international translation and legalisation agency that specialises in medical translations. We are experienced, knowledgeable, and passionate when it comes to translation. We understand the importance of a high quality product, which is why we only hire highly trained and proficient translators. When it comes to medical translations, our expectations for accuracy are even greater than normal. All medical translations, including medical reports, patient records or prescriptions, are prepared only by translators with background and experience in the relevant field.

What Document Translation Services for individuals and companies seeking medical translations

We translate any type of personal documents like doctor’s notes, exam results, patient history, vaccine information, prescription forms, diagnosis reports, and more. When it comes to an individual’s health, he or she deserves the highest quality work. We put emphasis on localization as well, so that our translations are guaranteed to have a smooth understanding by the recipient.

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We can also help companies and organisations looking to translate more technical information like manuals, medical equipment info, clinical trial results, medicinal information, medical policies and procedures, and more. This is also indispensable information that must be treated with the utmost care.

Furthermore, we have experience and knowledge in translating a wide range of pharmaceutical documentation. With the rise in international pharmaceutical companies establishing their headquarters in Ireland, there is a continuous need in providing reliable medical translation solutions to our global clients based in Ireland as well as to their partners based abroad.

Certified translations for medical students

If you are looking to study medicine at a university in a different country, you will need your education documents translated. We can translate diplomas, transcripts, reference letters and whatever else you need. You will not have to worry about the names of classes and other medicine-specific vocabulary being lost. We have translators who routinely do these type of translations. It is extremely important that class names be translated in the correct way so that universities can properly evaluate your educational history.

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