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Apostille Services in Ireland, the UK and abroad

Document Translation Services is an Irish and UK based agency that specialises in document translation and legalisation. Do you have a document issued locally that you would like to use abroad? If so, there a couple different routes you could take to get a document certified for international use. In certain cases, a certified translation or a notary certification will be sufficient. This is no always the case unfortunately.

When do get an Irish or UK apostille

When do you need more than a certified translation? If you are using your document in an official capacity, you will need to prove the authenticity of the document. Historically, this meant a long series of steps and uncertainties, but thanks to The Hague Convention, it has been simplified. For those countries that signed to The Hague, only an apostille is required for a document to be accepted in a foreign country. Fortunately, both the UK and Ireland are signatories to the convention. However, gaining an apostille is still not easy; it can be a time-consuming process.

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Document Translation Services can help you get an apostille

Our Consultants will advise you on whether you need certified translation, notary certification, consular legalisation or apostille. Apostille is accepted in most countries in the world. An Apostille is a stamp on the document (or additionally attached to it). It certifies the country of origin of the document, the identity and capacity of the signature on it, and the name of any authority which has affixed a seal or stamp to the document. The apostille enables the presenter to bypass further certification and immediately send or use the documents in the country of intended use.

This is how it looks:

WE CAN: certify your document with an apostille in Ireland (Dublin/Cork), UK (Belfast/London) or almost any of the European countries. We then prepare your documents for the certification and safely deliver them anywhere in the world.

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