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Contract Translation Services in Dublin

At Certified Translation Service in Dublin and other locations across Ireland and the UK, we offer specialised translation services for contracts to be used in Ireland as well as abroad. We consider legal translations to be our speciality. We translate various contracts irrespective of the complexity of the content and purpose. Be it for Irish or international businesses, we translate anything and everything from procurement contracts to employment contracts to commercial agreements, etc.

Legal translations require particular and specific vocabulary. It is of the utmost importance that a translation be written with the correct terminology, or else it will not be accepted by the requesting authorities. For this reason, it takes more than just a general translator to sufficiently and accurately translate legal documents. We guarantee that all orders are assigned to qualified and certified translators, with knowledge of appropriate contract terminology in the languages they work with. Don’t gamble when it comes to legal documents and contracts; use our professional service.


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Accuracy, Confidentiality and Legalisation in Ireland

When submitting your contract for translation to our offices in Dublin, you can be sure that every clause and condition will be reproduced in the language that reflects the accuracy and has the same legal relevance as the original content. No detail will slip through our hands! Our proof-readers will review the translated text and check every single detail before the final document is returned to you.

Confidential is key. We promise to exercise extreme confidentiality when dealing with your documents. You have a right to privacy and we know the importance of maintaining that privacy.

Finally, if your document needs extra legalisation for official use, we can provide it. We offer certification by a notary public and solicitor. We also provide apostille and consular legalisation services. No matter what you need, we can make sure that your document will be accepted to wherever it is submitted. Contact us today to find out how we can help you. In your enquiry, make sure to give us as much information you can about what you would like done, so that you we properly advise on your future steps!


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