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Medical Translation Services in Ireland

Based out of Ireland, Certified Translation Specialists specialises in medical document translations including medical records, prescriptions, forms, and much more. You can expect a truly accurate translation because we have highly trained translators who are experts in the medical industry. We can also certify your papers with Notary or Solicitor or apostille if needed. When it comes to health, there is no reason to risk not using a professional translation agency.

How to translate Medical reports, history and other document with Certified Translation Services

Our technical expertise allows us to be able to translate most types of medical documents, including:

  • Medical Manuals
  • Medical History
  • Medical Reports
  • Medical certificate
  • General Documents
  • Prescriptions
  • Doctor’s Notes
  • Vaccine Forms
  • And many others


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Medical translation is a highly specialized discipline which should only be carried out by highly qualified translators. Translating documents in the health and medical field requires the utmost accuracy. That’s why we work with professional translators who have deep knowledge and experience in the medical field.

We offer Certified Medical translations with the quickest completion times and at prices you can afford!

Translation and Legalisation of Documents for the Medical Council of Ireland (MCI)

Are you applying for a job as a Nurse, Medical Specialist or Doctor in Republic of Ireland or UK? All your supporting documents - Educational Medical Documents, Diplomas, Degrees, Letters from Work and any other documents confirming your Medical Qualification and Experience have to be translated into English and properly certified.

We have been translating documents for the Medical Council of Ireland for many years and can provide you with excellent advice and professional translation service.

We will help you translate your inquiries and any other documents you wish to forward to the Medical Council of Ireland, the national regulating body of the medical practitioners in the Republic of Ireland.

Our qualified and experienced translators and editors will assist you in your submission of carefully structured and professionally written documentation. We will also translate any academic and other qualifications that you may wish to submit to the Council for review and approval.

As you may know, the MCI is also responsible for approving medical schools and programmes. Are you perhaps looking for information on a medical curriculum, content or conduct procedures in place? Do not hesitate to contact us. We shall translate from English or into English from any other language on your request.

We have offices in Dublin, Cork and Galway, but we will happily assist our clients wherever they are in the Republic of Ireland. We pride ourselves on delivering excellent service in the shortest completion times and we will promptly reply to orders and inquiries, which you are welcome to submit through our website, via e-mail or simply by calling one of our offices. You can trust us with your order and the timely translation of documents, no matter the degree of complexity.


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