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Legalisation of educational and personal documents for China

Do you need to have documents legalised for China, for example, to become a teacher?

We, here in our document legalisation company in Cork, know that the legalisation of documents for China can be stressful, confusing as well as time consuming, but don’t worry: our company, based not only in Cork, but also in Dublin, is here to help. We have great insight into the legalisation process of personal and educational documents, due to many years of experience in dealing with document legalisation for China.

Our teams in Cork and Dublin will make the process as easy as possible for you!

Why you should choose us to legalize your documents

Our highly skilled and experienced staff will help you on your way through the different steps involved in the process, while ensuring that you receive the highest quality for a reasonable price. This will save you time and money, as we have great knowledge about the steps involved in the process. Whether it is the fully certified translation from English into Chinese and vice versa, or the procuring of an apostille, quality and efficiency is of utmost importance to us.

3 simple steps of legalizing documents for China

Our system is simple and consist of three steps which will make it as easy and effortless as possible for you:

  • Drop off in our Cork or Dublin based officeDrop the required documents off in our Cork or Dublin office and confirm that you would like them translated and legalised. Our experienced Chinese translators will have them ready in a day. If you are not sure what documents to provide you can give us a call or send us your scans of your documents. We can tell you straightaway which documents you will need to submit. After you dropped off your documents we will handle the rest of the legalisation process.
  • Apostille in our office in Cork or DublinIn order for the documents to be accepted as legal documents by the Chinese embassy, your documents need to be issued with an apostille authentication. This is a rather quick process which we would be glad to manage. We will ensure that you get the apostille on your documents in a quick and efficient manner.
  • Chinese Embassy legalisationThe third step is the legalisation of the documents in the Chinese Embassy. With the help of our legalisation company during the process you don’t have to contribute anything for this step. We will save you a time-consuming trip to the Chinese Embassy, as we are in daily contact with the Embassy. We will go to the Embassy for you and take care of all the steps. This will take about one week. After that, you will receive your legalised documents in our Cork or Dublin office, or directly at your address.
When CTS receives a request from a client, the requested service is logged on to our system with the full details of the request including:

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